Destination management

Destination Management arises from the need to integrate – inside a strategic process – the actions necessary to manage the attractiveness factors and tourist services to target market demand and to position the destination in competitive environments adequate with respect to characteristics of the territory. Today the destinations that work in the world have followed an obligatory path that we at Evolution Tourist Marketing know very well, having traced it first in Italy, in 1992. It is the path of organization, coordination, rethinking in its entirety as a place, of creation of “emotions”, the involvement of all its primary players, promotion and sales. In other words, the success of a tourist resort passes through a “management” entrusted to those who can talk to all these different “souls”. A “unique” overall proposal that combines different experiences of daily life and relaxation. Sea, mountains, cities of art, culture, wellness, medical tourism, MICE, active holidays: in our portfolio the destinations and companies for which we have created business opportunities. Easy to say; extremely difficult to do!