Digital marketing, technologies & social communication

To think “ahead” you have to be “ahead”, because customers now know how to get information, consult, compare and book their holiday, paying close attention to both natural beauty and “augmented reality”. To perform well this continuous updating activity and obtain competitive advantages, tourism industry players must use new and performing tools to reach potential customers. We are equipped with technologies and staff that work in an innovative way in the world of the web, digital and new communication.

The activity linked to the Internet is divided into 3 main branches:

  1. Realization and graphic study of the site to offer different possible solutions to the customer’s needs.
  2. Realization of sites by using the most suitable technologies for the customer, using the most suitable specific tools every time; from the creation of dynamic sites to static ones, from the use of information management databases to the creation of specific applications that allow customers to quickly update their sites or parts of them. At this stage we provide, on request, the management of domains, server space and email accounts.
  3. Site management with the possibility of optimizing web pages to facilitate entry into search engines, inclusion in paid and unpaid engines, creation of keyword advertising campaigns for payment within the main national and international engines.

Our customers range from local activities, tourism promotion consortia, to companies of a certain importance that believe they have found in us reliable partners with whom to confront to obtain a service tailored to their needs.