Promotion & Sells

In the end, companies “work” if they sell to specific customer targets and do it more efficiently than the competition. In 1992, we were the first in Italy to introduce the concept of promotion aimed at marketing the localities and individual companies, with initiatives aimed at the sale of tourist packages in Italy and abroad, destined to increase the entry and stay of tourists in the target area through the offer of a qualified tourist product, with particular regard to the “classic” tourist destinations. Specifically we are able to provide your destination and your structure:

a)tourism promo-marketing of the chosen area consisting, in particular, in workshops, sales promotions, stand fittings in other Italian regions and abroad

b) educational and press tours for national and foreign demand operators to be carried out in the regional territory

c) creation of monographic catalogs of sales of the integrated tourist package, concerning your area or company, as well as creation of advertising pages and window dressing

d) participation in tourism fairs in Italy and abroad aimed at offering the local tourism product.e) management of management systems, web pages and social systems aimed at purchasing the products offered

We have a team of commercial specialists in online and off-line multi-channels, able to create the product aimed at the chosen market target and market it in the most efficient way. And the measurable results are the best guarantee of our job.