Marketing, Branding & Communication

Any kid now uses the word “marketing”. The problem is when adults use it, without knowing exactly what it means.

Strategic marketing is essential to ensure adequate visibility for a destination or company, and also includes communication, offline and online. Clear ideas, an approach to the market, awareness of one’s offer are also indispensable for realizing tactical actions, ie operational marketing, an effective tool for the promotion and sale of a product, a service or a destination.

The real challenge today is to be able to hit the market and capture its attention. The competition is fierce but it is possible to face it while not having large budgets. If we are in the dark on the marketing concept, worse if we face another concept that everyone is talking about but nobody knows exactly what it is. Branding, of course! Until recently, in fact, branding did not indicate anything other than the brand, the symbol, the name or at most the slogan that, placed next to these two, was able to identify the main characteristics of a tourist resort or a company .

Today everything has changed. To simplify we could say that branding is the perception that a consumer, or a group of consumers, has when they hear or think about the name, service or product of your destination or your business.

In other words, we can define it as the mental image that people have of what your company is, does and / or produces. A very important perception: it is what serves to set you apart from the competition, to the point of convincing consumers that your offer is the only one able to satisfy their needs or to solve their problems with regards to their holiday needs. The important thing is to program but also TO DO … not just talk!